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Batterers Intervention Program

At Step Three, Inc., we're honored to announce the launch of our 52-week Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The program is designed to promote victim safety and encourage positive behavioral changes for Oklahoma offenders. 

The focus of Step Three's Batterers Intervention Program is to eliminate violence within the home and assist the participant in developing personal responsibility for his/her behaviors, understanding the fundamentals of anger and emotions, learning effective coping strategies, building empathy, and recognizing cyclic behaviors.  All services shall be based on non-victim blaming strategies. 

Step Three. Inc. Batterer Intervention Program is certified by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General and meets the stringent requirements set forth by the state legislature defined in Oklahoma Statutes 21-644(E)(2)(a).   

About the BIP Program

Discover Step Three's commitment to providing quality BIP services, along with core values

and guidelines designed to ensure a fulfilling journey for every BIP participant. 

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Program Focus

At Step Three, Inc we believe the

capacity for change exists within every individual. (BIP) is a 52-week journey towards personal accountability and healthy relationships. 


We assert that a non-violent life isn’t just attainable-it’s achievable for those who commit to the journey, leading to a path marked by accountability, empathy and peace.

Our program is certified by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General.

Sanctuary of Truth

Program Confidentiality

The Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) is an educational program, not a therapeutic program and will not have the same level of confidentiality afforded by mental health services. The program will not assure confidentiality with respect to;


  • Judge, District Attorney or referring agency.

  • Current partner

  • The victim(s)

  • Parent of any of your children

  • Probation and Parole

  • Law Enforcement

  • Anyone toward whom there is a risk of imminent harm by you

  • Coordinated Community Response Team

  • The domestic violence victim services program


The program will promise confidentiality with respect to; the general public, news media and anyone else not covered in the expectations set forth above.

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Program Fees

The program places value on participants' commitment and involvement. The associated fees contribute to the provision of quality support and resources throughout each participant’s journey.


Initial Assessment:…..........$100

Each Missed Assessment ... $25

Weekly Group Sessions .......$25

Post-Assessment …….. .......$25

Reinstatement Fee…..….…..$50

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Program Highlights

The program offers an alternative to jail for many individuals.


The program begins and ends with an individual assessment.


The program consists of one

90-minute group session per

week for 52-weeks.


Group sessions are held outside of regular business hours. There are weekend and evenings groups for your convenience.


Participants may be referred for additional services such as mental health or drug & alcohol intervention.


Services begin promptly at the scheduled time.  Late attendance is not permitted and results in an absence.


A letter of completion is provided upon successful completion of BIP.

Group Schedule

Male:  Saturday's 8:30AM-10:00AM

Female: Monday's 5:00- 6:30PM

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Program Referrals

When a referral is made, the referring agency faxes a referral form to Step Three and gives a copy to the intended participant.  The form lists all documentation that the person must bring to his/her screening and assessment.

These materials  include copies of all reports and orders related to the case including:

  • Court Order

  • Police Report

  • CSW Service Plan

  • Probation Order

  • Protective Orders

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Program Philosophy

The BIP Philosophy is based on 9 values:

  1. Battering is primarily a socio- cultural issue that is criminal in nature;

  2. Battering is never justified; 

  3. Battering is not caused by disease, diminished intellect; alcoholism/addiction, intoxication, mental illness or any external person or event;

  4. Batterers are solely responsible for their actions and must be held accountable for their abusive behavior;

  5. The use of violence and coercion is a choice, decision or tactic;

  6. No behavior of the victim causes or excuses domestic violence;7Because batterers choose to use violence, they can choose to stop violence and eliminate coercive control and other controlling tactics from their intimate relationships.

  7.  Intervention services recognize batterers can learn alternatives to violent and coercive behaviors such as mutuality, shared decision making, trust negotiation and fairness;

  8. Safety for the victims and their dependents is the primary focus of intervention and services.                                                                              

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